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All told, I quite liked it, and I think I'm going to keep watching.
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Upon re-watching the Total Eclipse of the Heart video, I can't help but feel that that must have been something like what went on during when Nemuro Memorial Hall (or whatever it was called before the fire went down)burned down, with the hundred duelists realizing what they've signed on for and going mad with horror about it.
Of course, this necessitates that Bonnie Tyler be Professor Nemuro, and that the scene at the end with Tyler meeting the students in business-gear to have happened first thing off, before everything went alarming and wrong.
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I was messing around on Jezebel, and in the comments found the links to two very different stories about the likely conclusions should the personhood debate regarding fetuses go strongly towards the conservative side. The first, I found to be a somewhat generic story about a woman who experiences her third miscarriage and due to the very restrictive laws of her country has to go on the lam. This one didn't connect very deeply with me, probably because the woman had approved of the enacting of the laws and only really worried about them when they applied to her.

The other story, "ILU-486" was significantly deeper and had me very near tears at parts where I was overcome by the sheer hurt described in the experiences of the various women involved in the story. The summary provided by the author is "  In the not-so-distant future of Virginia, the Personhood Act has outlawed abortion and chemical birth control. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, though." and the story tells the tale of women involved in a sort of underground railroad for women who don't want to be pregnant, both fo the women operating it, and of the women receiving the benefits of it, and I found it painfully real. The story can be found at
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 Crossovers that would be a really bad idea, part 1 of n: Alan Wake + Left 4 Dead.  

  • Alan shines flashlight on Witch.
  • Witch gets startled.
  • Witch dismembers and disembowels and generally destroys Alan.
  • Witch runs away screaming. 

This has been brought to you by playing far too much L4D and watching a Let's Play of Alan Wake. In L4D, the Witch is a Special Infected who sits in corners and important places where you need to get past her. If you shoot her, or shine your light on her too long, or stand too near to her, she startles, and comes after the person who bothered her, and won't leave until she's killed that player. For more information on her, go here Alan Wake is an XBOX 360 game in which you are being pursued by creatures Taken by the Dark Presence who can only be harmed if you burn their dark shield off with your trusty flashlight. For more information, see here

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